Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Just a quick note for all the tens of longtime NTB readers. One of these days I will return to actual writing on NTB. I love Real Women of Pinterest and Pinterest-ing, but every week when I realize that I haven't posted anything at all since the last RWOP, I feel kind of sad. I just can't ever get caught up these days.

Moving along though. I made some pretty cute thank you notes for my son's birthday that involved a group photo and THANK YOU ! spelled in cool and colorful letters, printed on full sheet labels (my very favorite office supply) and then cut and stuck to cards (the blank kind you can buy at craft stores like Michaels). But all of those are sealed in envelopes. No photo evidence -- oops! The project was aided by this awesome collection of letters on Flickr that I was alerted to by several pinners. Check out the collection. Endless possibilities for what you can do with these little letters: custom name stationery, quotations, name tags, place cards, any kind of word art you can imagine. I will say that the quality of some of the images does not hold up when they are large, but there are hundreds of choices for each letter so you could probably find the right letter for any project you're envisioning. Promise you'll be a rule follower though and respect the wishes of Leo Reynolds, the person behind this Flickr collection, who asks that you not "favorite" the images or use them for commercial projects.

I can't share the real final product since it's now in the hands of the USPS, but I took a photo of two full sheet labels of letters. The top sheet was the layout I used for cutting, but I rejected that particular sheet because I tried to use "fast draft" on my printing settings and the quality suffered. I biffed on the sizing on the bottom sheet (look at the awesome quality!), but I'm sure I'll find something to do with those thank yous one day.
This next photo captures some cardstock notecards with a simple "thanks." Easy peasy.
Apologies for not making these photos horizontal, but I just didn't have it in me.

My sister LAP has stepped in once again to share a RWOP project. One of the first things I pinned in the early, heady days of Pinteresting was this link for melting your own heart-shaped, rainbow crayons. Though I continue to hoard old and broken crayons, I've never attempted the project. Some vague thoughts of hot wax and big mess seem to be stopping me. But LAP nailed it! Check out her final results ...
Her tips: Soak the crayons in warm water for several minutes before attempting to peel the labels off. When you take the crayons out of the oven, they will seem all melty and you will fear that you messed up. You haven't! Carefully, oh so carefully, take your tray of crayon molds and pop them in the freezer for about ten minutes to harden. [Note to self: make room in freezer for the molds ahead of time.]

Cheers to my sister, always spreading love!

Okay then, bloggers, please link up your Pinterest-esque projects (art, food, decor, etc.). Real Women of Pinterest everywhere who don't blog? Send me your pics so I can share them: mep AT nottobrag DOT net.

Please visit the links below for more RWOP inspiration.


E... said...

Two awesome projects. Also reminding me I need to finish up the thank you notes! LAP's crayons turned out way cuter than the ones I made a year or so ago, but we did not not shapes, just regular circles, and tried to make them color-coordinated. I think the rainbows are much nicer. Going to go check out the Flickr alphabet, as N. and I are working on an alphabet book for her this week in the hopes she may someday learn her letters?
Going to try to get a RWOP post up today, will be back to link!

Tricia said...

Love the note card idea...going to check out those letters as well!

Heather said...

Great idea! I was so excited to have an actual RWOP post for today (thanks to my mother in law!). I can't take any credit for it, other than the desire to want something and the ability to blog about it after the project was finished :)

Love the crayon idea, too. What a great Valentine's day favor!

Stacia said...

I think the crayon hearts were one of the first pins I repinned on Pinterest. (How many times can I write "pin" in a sentence?) And I think I just might try them for Valentine's Day for the kids' international-school colleagues. As representatives of America, we must to carry the pink-and-red holiday mantle proudly.

Anonymous said...

I also have the crayon hearts pinned, but never tried it. Hers turned out awesome!

Very creative with the Thank You cards!!

I'm looking forward to you getting back to writing posts :)

CaraBee said...

I keep seeing the melted crayon pin and thinking I want to try it. But I, like you, am oh so nervous. I am emboldened by your sister's success, though. Maybe I can take some of those broken crayons and breathe new life in to them!

Also, gah, I need to finish my thank yous. Sigh.

Jenn said...

Well I can ouch for how adorable the thank you cards are! Lily has her propped up on her nightstand and loves looking at it :). Funny enough, I am thinking of making the crayons for VDay for the PS class....great minds :)

Jenn (again) said...

Oops, should say "vouch"! Darn autocorrect and lazy proofing :)

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