Thursday, June 10, 2010

Denim Diapers & Detours -- All Thumbs Thursday

All Thumbs Thursday!

Thumbs Up:
+ wearing fancy hats -- Sweet P and I had the opportunity to don hats this past weekend at an awesome tea party bridal shower for my cousin.
+ Glee -- The sensitive side of Puck. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "To Sir with Love." The season finale had me in tears, and I cannot wait to buy the last of this season's soundtracks when I end my self-imposed spending freeze. If you have not been watching Glee, buy or rent the DVDs this summer.
+ Huggies jeans commercial -- I have not purchased the Huggies "jeans" for Sweet P or Little Bit, but that commercial cracks me up. Why shouldn't you look cool pooping your pants?
+ moderate summer temperatures -- More sunshine. Less sweat. My deodorant already has to work hard enough so I am loving the milder weather.
+ Lori Lansens -- I have recently read two of Lansens' novels and have been completely enchanted by both. Check out The Girls, about twins conjoined at the head, and The Wife's Tale, about a woman whose husband leaves her (and then she finds herself, but it's not as cliched as that sounds). The main characters in both novels come from the same small Canadian town so there is a delightful bit of overlap.
+ The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove by Cathy Erway -- Another book that grew out of a blog! Erway spent two years not eating out (or ordering in) in New York City. I was inspired by her dedication to her project, her creative cooking, and the fact that she spent something like $20 a week on groceries during those two years. Recipes included!

Thumbs Down:
- Construction -- They are fixing the sewers around here and rebuilding my beloved "Little Jewel" grocery store. Necessary projects, but I am so sick of dust, bumpy and blocked roads, and unpredictable traffic patterns and detours.
- Bub and Little Bit fighting, pestering, and picking at each other. All. The. Livelong. Day.
- Miniature brooms that I forget to hide/trash each evening -- related to above complaint.
- The way each time I go to put Sweet P in the bouncy seat or infant seat, one of her brothers has pre-fastened the straps, forcing me to unfasten them one-handed before I can settle her in the respective seats.
- Still not being caught up with my thank you notes or birth announcements -- I'm working on them!

What's Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down for you this Thursday?


Actchy said...

On my list of books to avoid at all costs right now? "The Girls" by Lori Lansens. No offense, of course.

PITA said...

+ tennis matches with scooter a few times a week. i have been cleaning up. (NTB)
+ Glee season finale...I have to admit I had a few tears as well.

- the development of gray hairs down my part.
- my students swearing that I was "at least" (that was exaggerated) 45. As a sidenote, I dont think that is old or would not be ashamed to be 45. it just stung a little as I am 16 years away from 45.

CaraBee said...

+Loved the Glee finale. Honestly, they were losing me midseason, but the last couple reeled me back in. And I'm totally with you on the Puck sensitivity, he's a cutie.

+I think that denim diapers commercial is awesome. Period.

+Avocados. I'm just gaga about them right now. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'm eating them in salads, on sandwiches, plain. PS - I am NOT pregnant.

-The end of the tv season and the beginning of the summer tv wasteland.

E... said...

Re: Glee, oh my geez (to quote N.) with the To SIr With Love.
I am adoring you and Sweet P in those hats!

dusty earth mother said...

Sweet Mep. So nice to see your face! That's my thumbs-up for this Thursday.

Heather said...

A big thumbs up to said birth announcements...I got mine, and it is adorable! Thank you so much!

You girls look beautiful in your hats! What a fun idea for a shower.

Your last post had me laughing out loud, but I was at work, so I couldn't comment (darn internet restrictions).

I am hating my "frugal year" resolution right now: I would love to own the whole season of Glee on DVD, along with the CD soundtracks. January 1, 2011, my frugal year is at an end and I am buying them!!!

Stacia said...

Hooray for rockin' hats (and fun events to wear them to)! How gorgeous is Sweet P??

Up: Journey and Glee together in one glorious hour. And three children who are all (knock on wood!) sleeping at this moment.

Down: Being lost, like you, in the never-ending land of thank-you notes and birth announcements. One day, I will find my way out ...

Nap Warden said...

Thumbs up...Glee for sure...

They had me at Journey medley!

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