Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tale of a Tuesday

Two quick things to report.

1. I am proud to report that I ventured to a park today with all three kids. It may not sound like a big deal, but it kind of was.

Care to revisit what a big deal it was for me to brave the park for the first time with two kids. Read this post.

2. Little Bit made it 23 months and 3 days before today . . . the day when he produced his first "Code Brown." What's a "Code Brown," newer NTB readers may be wondering?

Read all about "Code Brown" right here. You're welcome for not posting photos of the phenom.

This afternoon, I made a whole list of things I want to blog about. Teasers include: Subway chicken salad, the ideal cup for drinking milk, a terrine, peeing outside, "Guess how much?", non-lettuce salads, dilemma of sweating issues for those who don't wear tank tops, Kindle app for iphone and ipod touch, and Blessed Brother Andre.

There are good things to come if I ever find the time to write about them.

Any tales from your Tuesday?


Heather said...

You're such a tease.

I can guess what a code brown is, since we nurses use that term quite often at work.

My Tuesday was filled with gardening and sunshine and baseball practice and slip-n-slides and happy/hungry kids, followed by a rapid decline into exhaustion for the momma.

east coast bro said...

Tuesday was 90 degrees and the kids were super pumped to see me when I got home. So I got that going for me which is nice. Plus code brown brings a smile to my face. Nice work at the park mep!!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday brought a delightful trip to Kings Island. I don't think anyone else knew it was open. The girls just walked on everyride. Must report my favorite snack, soft pretzel was very hard but I managed to wash it down with a 32 oz.er. Good stuff. m

LAP said...

Yes, Tues trip to KI with m and the girls. Earlier in the day I went to the dentist. Might sound like a downer but it's truly the friendliest Dr's office I've ever stepped foot in. For example, the moment Wookie showed displeasure about being strapped in the stroller for my brief visit, the hygentist whipped out some stickers for her...before I even had a chance to dig in my purse for something to give her. The tv/computer in the room was also set to cartoons for Swiper to watch. At the end of my visit, the dentist gave me a free teeth whitening kit when I asked a basic question about them. Nice.

kenz said...

The intern guesses that the best cup to drink milk out of is a metal cup. I'm confused...but intrigued....looking forward to that post

dusty earth mother said...

Totally waiting for the "non-lettuce salad" blog. And you went to the park with ALL THREE KIDS? How awesome are you??

cake said...

i believe it was the "code brown" post that originally pulled me into your lovely sense of humor, excellent writing skills, and overall wonderful blog.

nice to see that the tradition continues.

CaraBee said...

Woohoo for going to the park!!

The couple of code browns we had here were enough to traumatize my husband about baths for a LONG time. Sorry to hear the tradition.

All of teasers sound terribly intriguing! Interested to read your take on the Kindle app. I struggle reading too much on my iPhone. I thought I would love it, but the screen is just too small.

Stacia said...

Oh. Dear. Lord. How I hate the Code Brown! (What is it about warm water that makes little-boy bowels go crazy??) And like you, I always forget the bathmat and toys downstairs after I have bleached them to high heaven.

Maggie said...

A had his first... and second code browns this past week. I hope you aren't offended that this event had me thinking fondly of the MEP brood.

The Empress said...

Mep! I'm so proud of you! It is awesome you got to the park with all 3.

Welcome back to the land of the living, you made it, honey!

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