Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ree-Seas Pee-Seas

All Thumbs Thursday Is Back!

Thumbs Up (+) & Thumbs Down (-)
+ Ordered really cute birth announcements for Libby that arrived at our house within three weeks of her birth -- so on top of things, NTB!
- Have still not managed to finish addressing and mailing them and Sweet P is almost eight weeks old now

+ Really enjoying Subway's new chicken salad
- Chicken salad cannot be that good for me and cannot resist the Subway cookies while I'm there (thumbs up for Subway cookies--really!)

+ McDonald's Snack-Size Reese's McFlurry -- cheap and delicious and of the perfect size! Get yourself one tonight or, better yet, right now. GO!
- More opportunities to expose my inability to pronounce Reese's as anything other than "Ree-seas" as in "Ree-seas Pea-seas."

+ Sweet P no longer dropping (really stinky) bombs all day long
- Sweet P now filling her Swaddlers multiple times per day -- blow out beware!

+ Glee, Top Chef Masters, Community . . . loving my television!
- About to hit the summer television slump

+ Summer seems to be here! Woo hoo! I can finally believe that there will be no more snowy days for many months.
- Hate to sweat and prefer not to expose my arms and rack in tank tops

+ No showings this week to clean the house for like a crazy woman.
- No showings this week.

- Blogger double-spacing all my posts . . . Why? Why? Why? How can I fix it?

What's Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down for you right now? Please share in the comments!


CaraBee said...

I've been noticing Blogger doing some wonky formatting things too. Drives me bonkers.

Let's see:
-The large cookies and cream milkshake is ONE THOUSAND F*ING CALORIES!

+Jergens self-tanning/firming lotion
-I still don't want to squeeze my butt into a swimsuit

Heather said...

Yay for the cute birth announcements!

Boo for no showings.

For me?

+ for enough rain that I don't need to water my garden.

- for too much rain that we had our fourth rainout for Little League in two weeks! Elijah is majorly bumming...

PITA said...

+ for it not being so hot today that I sweat through my clothing within the first hour of arriving at work.
- no air conditioning at work and the sweaty children that kind of smell that come with lack of air conditioning.

+ for a great trip with friends over the weekend.
- makes me miss my friends and family more than I usually do...which is already a lot.

+ long weekend this weekend.
- school until June 24th...sigh....tear...

east coast bro said...

±sold some baby shit today
- ate dinner alone
±long weekend ahead with nice weather and possibly golf forecasted
-5am ride to airport tomorrow

All in all. A nice little thursday

Anonymous said...

+ school's out for summer!!!!
- no more outside morning runs (without hiring someone)

+ 1st born seemingly FEARLESS at his end of year preschool program
- no way do I have a kindergartener!

+ for a neighbor selling cheap plants and trees that are practically delivered to my home
- wondering if you get what you pay for....keeping my fingers crossed in a big way

+ seeing a dear friend of mine and her new little Sweet P just a few weeks ago
- hoping that she knew, despite my poor communication, how much it meant to me. Rita

Stacia said...

Since it's Friday now, Thursday is a blur for me. But, the little guy did sleep for eight hours straight last night, so I've got my thumb way, way up about that. I'm sure it won't happen again for years, probably, but holy cow, I feel like a new woman!

LAP said...

+ field trip with my kindergartener. Nice kids, nice parents, nice weather.
- field trip was to a farm. Not nice smelling and a little too up close and personal with the animals

+ $1 drinks at McDonalds. I will also second MEP's snack size Reese cup McFlurry shout out
- Usually good about cooking during the week, but the only think I've "cooked" this week is a Sams rotisserie.

+ Preschooler finally put her face in the water (this is her 3rd straight session of lessons)
- Waterbug Kindergartener inexplicably deciding to cry and sit out the entire swim lesson


dusty earth mother said...

I have only one for you today.

+My daughter has been looking so beautiful lately because we grew out her bangs, painstakingly, and the side of her hair that she hacked off with safety scissors a year ago.



The Empress said...

Love that you're getting your MOJO back.

You're starting to rock it again, sister...

cake said...

i know people who sent the birth announcements out at 16 weeks, and poor little cosmo only got a lousy email one! but i make up for it in other ways. i'm sure of it.

two thumbs up for your return to blogging! way up!

E... said...

Yay you on the birth announcements. When I did N's, I had to order them twice b/c the first time I forgot to include the birthdate. Yep.
Blogger keeps doing really weird spacing to me, too. Also making all of my text blue as if it is one big link. Very frustrating.
+ No more school for O.!
- No more school for O.!

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