Monday, May 4, 2009

What's the name of the game?

This post is a mixed bag. I want to know some things and hope you can help me. I have a few things I want you to know.

Talking Points: What I Want To Know

1. Space bags. Those bags you fill with stuff you want to store, like clothes and comforters and stuff, and then suck all the air out of them . . . have you seen them? Have you used them? Would you recommend them?

2. How do you prepare turnips? Let me fast forward to the answer I want on this one. I want to know if I can just wash them, cut them in large pieces and roast them in the oven? Can I? Do tell.

3. How do I know what wattage my microwave is?

4. Do you truly consider 1/2 cup to be a legitimate serving size for ice cream?

5. Have you tried Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred? (question possibly related to question 4) 5a. Are you watching The Biggest Loser this season? 5b. If so, do you have a favorite? I've been thinking Mikey (though would have loved to see Kristen hang in there), but I am way over Ron.

6. What chocolate chip cookie recipe do you use? I've been trying a bunch this year but don't have a definitive winner yet (but no real losers either).

7. Should I Twitter or will it take over my life?

8. Do you know about Cake Wrecks? So, so funny. I learned about the Cake Wrecks blog from my friend E. . .

Talking Points: What I Want You To Know

1. Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout is fantastic. It's a novel told in stories, and I loved the characters and the way their stories, especially Olive's, unfolded. I'm not going to say much about it because it just won the Pulitzer Prize, which means there are plenty of people taking the time to write thoughtfully and eloquently about it.

2. You can download the "Hot Dog!" song on itunes. It's performed by They Might Be Giants, which I did not know until yesterday and makes me like the catchy tune all the more.

3. Bub's favorite song is not "Hot Dog!"--though he loves that one and Minnie Mouse--but "Boom Boom Pow" by Black-Eyed Peas, which he calls "Get, get, get." He told me at the park last week, "You're so two thousand and late."

4. There are two new healthy lifestyle/weight loss shows on right now. I've caught the first few episodes of I Want to Save Your Life on We and liked it. The show's "diet detective" seems like a really kind, positive good guy. I am DVR-ing Cook Yourself Thin on Lifetime. I'll let you know what I think about it.

5. The title of this post comes from an Abba song.

6. I am now declaring 30 Rock my favorite show. It's even funnier than The Office, though I still love The Office. Phyllis and Pam in matching purple gingham shirts, trendy sweaters and capri pants? Love is in the details.

7. I've never seen Star Wars and don't plan to, but I wish you all a Happy Star Wars Day!

8. If you order something from the Land's End catalog, you will begin receiving emails from Land's End on an almost daily basis. All the free shipping offers you need, baby.

Discuss amongst yourselves by leaving a comment. Pretty please.


Bailey said...

Talking Points: What I Want To Know
1.) They are okay. Sometimes they lose their space bag-giness and regain their shape unexpectedly...but you can store a lot of baby clothes in them and shove them under the crib. Which is exactly how I'm using mine right now.
2.) No idea
3.) Manual?
4.) Not at all. A pint is a serving.
5.) Tried it. Hated it. But hated it because she kicked my ass. Don't watch TBL.
6.) I don't have a good one either but I don't make cookies often. I do highly recommend the America's Test Kitchen Baking cookbook. I haven't tried a choc. chip cookie recipe from there yet, but everything I've made from that cookbook is delicious.
7.) Yes, twitter...but it will take over your life.
8.) No, but I'm glad I do now.

Talking Points: What I Want You To Know
3.) So cute!

Whew...marathon comment!

CaraBee said...

I'll respond to what I can:

1. My best friend uses them and loves them. I can't speak for them myself, though.
3. Ask the hubby. That's my usual coarse of action when it comes to anything that plugs in.
4. It's just plain ridiculous, that's what that is.
6. I stick with Nestlay Toulouse.
7. Yes you should Twitter! It hasn't taken over my life. I don't think I quite "get" it though.
8. I LOVE Cake Wrecks!

3. Two Thousand and Late is my new phrase. Thanks, Bub!
5. I love Abba.
6. I also love 30 Rock. A LOT. Tina Fey is my hero.
7. May the Fourth be with you!

E... said...

1. Space bags -- look very intriguing to me, but I fear I will keep more than I already do if it fits in less space.
2. I think you can just roast them, like parsnips, but I don't think they will have a lot of flavor if you don't add something else, like garlic or onions, etc. Might be better in a roast meat type recipe.
3. My wattage is listed on the front of mine, by the brand name, but mine is also pretty darn old.
4. Don't eat ice cream, but do eat an entire pint of sorbet if I start it.
5. I am laughing that you think I might have an answer to this one (aside from the TV watching, that is, but I haven't been sucked in here -- the exercise dislike applies to viewing habits as well)
6. I usually use the Betty Crocker cookbook one, and follow directions for "softer, rounder cookie" Made oatmeal cookies with egg replacer last week, and they were very, very flat, but good.
7. I'm scared of this too.
8. You're welcome. I LOVE it too. Have you seen the blog devoted to Passive Agressive notes? Funny too, but too depressing somehow to read everyday.
And from me to you:
1.If you like the TMBG "Hot Dog" song (as I do, too), you should pick up their ABC's or 123's CDs. We have the Here Come the 123's and it's awesome. (has the hot dog track on it, too)
2. I want more people to watch How I Met Your Mother, and am sad for anyone who is missing Barney Stinson from their lives.
3. Two other shows I think people should be catching up on via itunes, hulu or whatever are Saving Grace and In Plain Sight. Saving Grace just blew me right away this season, and I can't wait for it to return in June.
3. Judging from the dancing in her car seat on the way home from dropping her brother off from school, my daughter is a Beastie Boys fan, and I couldn't be prouder.

Melissa Walters said...

Don't know about most of that stuff, but I am an expert at cookies...well, me and Tollhouse. The ultimate choc chip lovers break apart cookies are the best ever. I have not done homemade since. No ones homemade cookies are as good as these cookies, however I have my own secrets. Don't follow the directions on the package, cook them at 375 for 11 minutes. (makes them soft on inside, crisp on outside...but not hard/crunchy) Try them. You'll love them and never go back. :) No mess in the kitchen to clean up and when friends come over, they are always asking for them.

Oh and there's a serving size to ice cream? I say if you're going to indulge, go all the way baby!

msh said...

1. haven't tried them. intriguing, but seems like too much work. and what if you wanted to get just one thing out of the middle of the suction?
2. as much time as i spend in the kitchen, i've never done a thing with a turnip. i don't think i care for "root"-y sort of vegetables.
3. mine has it on the front too, though it is also very old. in fact, i try not to stand in front of it when it's on because it scares me a little.
4. not even for my children.
5. absolutely no help from me here. the closest i came to doing anything was buying a tae-bo video when eli was a baby. i think i did it 3 times.
6. i like the break and bake answer--they are really good! yet i always try to bake my own, and have not yet found a winner either.
7. i haven't twittered. though it's tempting now that facebook has lost its luster, but enough is enough.
8. that mayonnaise cake is killing me.

3. today eli randomly burst out with "if you like it you should put a ring on it"
6. i'm sad every thursday that i have not yet watched "30 rock". i just know i will love it. but i'm getting ready for my summer tv schedule of tv on dvd. "30 rock" will be next on my list after season 3 of "weeds".
7. i'd bet a million that with 2 boys you will see way more of star wars that you ever thought possible. it's insanity over here.

sorry for the LONG response, but you asked for it! i think!

Anonymous said...

I've used a Space Bag like product from LL Bean. They are travel sized bags and you just lay on the bags to get the air out--they are awesome for traveling with kids. I'll back one for each kid which helps keep everything separate and then smash the bags so they fit on the outside pocket of my luggage. They are really good for winter clothes--I forgot how much room coats and all that take up, since I only need that stuff when I travel.

Regan said...

Most electric devices have a small riveted on plate that lists its vital statistics including wattage. I would look on the back of a microwave to find that. It will also say that it is 120 volts and that it is UL listed, etc. . . 1000-1200 watts would be typical, unless its like an apartment collegey model (which you would not have, NTB) in which case more like 700-800.

Actchy said...

Space storage bags changed my life. No lie. They are awesome, and you don't really need to vacuum out the air. I just roll them tightly and they seal up like a pork tenderloin in cryovac. My sister used them to pack her family of 5 on a ski vacation and could not believe how she got all of their snowpants, etc. in one piece of luggage.

I totally thought the title of this post came from the drinking game "Thumper."

Maggie said...

sometimes I feel we are pretty in sync on some topics! And I believe that Aiden and Bub would get along nicely, as their taste in music seems extremely similar. Quickly - use the shrink bags, great for baby clothes. Got one at Walmart to try, its not a big investment in the event it doesn't work. Ice cream - absolutely not 1/2 cup serving. Biggest Loser - agree on faves. Lands End catalog, just got one and liked the stuff in it, usually consider that more my mom's catalog, but its been very cute. Some items Lilly Pulitzer-ish!

LAP said...

So much to comment no particular order:

You know there is zero chance of me knowing how to prepare turnips.

I use the choc chip cookie recipe that involves butter flavored crisco sticks. However, at B's baptism the choc chip cookie bars from the Tollhouse package went over VERY WELL. My father in law talked about them so incessently that his wife asked for the specific recipe used (in which case I had to ask mom since she prepared them).

I eat ice cream most every night and have never once had only a 1/2 cup

I'm holding out on Twitter. Maybe I'm missing out on something, but I can live with that for now.

Today I saw a cute infant girl swimsuit that was a onesie...the mom said she thinks she ordered it from LL Bean. Why are they the only ones who thought of that?

WPA said...

I swear by the tollhouse recipe BUT I use the Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips. They are delicious! And I'm reading Olive Kitteredge right now for my book club.

Steph said...

@ turnips - yes! Roast them with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onions (and potatoes). I like them best when I roast them with potatoes, to take the edge off.

My stepdad grows them by the fields! (for the deer, of course.) So we have lots of turnips in the fall.

I've been staying up way to late at night reading the Book Thief. I think I'll finish it this weekend. It's our town's chosen book to read - they pick one each year. I am enjoying it, so thanks for the rec!

cake said...

space bags? forget it. worthless.

your new chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found here:

don't twitter. you've got so much going for you...

re:hot dog song.
cosmo just discovered this show. i did know that they might be giants did the music for it. it explained to me why i can not get that "catchy" (read: ear worm) tune out of my head to save my life, on the days that 'smo watches it.

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