Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Awesome and the Awkward

Read It:
I just finished The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship, written by Jeffrey Zaslow (who co-authored The Last Lecture book with Randy Pausch). If you need a reminder to appreciate and nurture your female friendships, check it out. I have much more to say about female friendship (a whole dissertation full, as a matter of fact) so I'll blog more about girlfriends later. But, for now, let me just say how much I appreciate my Girls from Butler County and the way--whether by phone, email, facebook, blog comments, post office--you make me feel loved and inspire me to be the best version of myself that I can.

Eat It:

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese. I buy the big brick of it at Costco, but it's also available in regular grocery stores. Melted on a sandwich thin with some ham and honey mustard, shredded on top of some scrambled eggs, sliced atop Triscuits . . . I can't get enough.

Admit It:
In the interests of pacing and sanity (someone gets pretty touchy if the Princess Frostine pink card goes to mommy or daddy), I sometimes stack the deck when I play Candyland with the Bub.

Let It Crack You Up:
Awkward Family There were tears in my eyes when I checked this site out, and I will return regularly from now on. The photos are deliciously awkward and the titles and captions are the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, I still want you to check out Cake Wrecks if you haven't already.

Resist It:
Speaking of awkward . . . Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I stopped watching midway through last season but found myself tuning in to Monday's episode to glimpse the train wreck of the new season. There are many things that can be and already have been said in the "What did they expect?", "I don't blame him/her" and "What's up with her hair" vein. No matter what you think of reality television or the specifics of the Gosselin family dynamics, there is something so profoundly sad about watching a marriage and thus potentially a family falling apart. I'm not particularly fond of Jon or Kate, but I cried while watching it and teared up again when I talked to LAP about it and described it to my husband. I hope that the Plus Eight make it through all of this as unscathed as possible. To that end, my gift to them it to stop watching from this point forward.

Okay, give me your own list of Read It. Eat It. Admit It. Let It Crack You Up. Resist It.


Anonymous said...

I quit watching Plus Eight mid season as well because I couldn't stand the blatant product placement and Kate. I did watch the premiere just to see what everyone was talking about and felt very sad for those kids.

It was so awkward to watch - especially the birthday party. What really got to me was the scene between Jon and little Alexis. Those two needs to put their family first and quit this show.

LAP said...

READ IT: Family Fun magazine. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the simple crafting or baking ideas that can be used with Fancy and/or Swiper.

EAT IT: flank steak. made some the other night and it was just so tasty, ntb. also on a smoothie kick (pineapple surf from Smoothie King) and wondering if I should invest in a smoothie maker...not sure I'd use it if I had it.

ADMIT IT: I'm looking forward to the new season of Secret Life of the American Teenager. While resting on the couch in the couple days after having Sweet B (testing out that screen name?), I caught a marathon on ABC Family and was hooked. Who knew a show about a 15 year old getting knocked up at band camp would be interesting to me?

J&K +8: Here's a link to an article from Audi Jodi and Uncle Kevin (Kate's brother) talking about how this is just so unhealthy for the kids. I knew I always liked them.

CaraBee said...

Read it: I am just finishing up The Book Thief, at your suggestion, and I am loving it. Like you, I was a little skeptical of the setting but I am totally engrossed. I just finished Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and I really enjoyed it. Dark, but very interesting.

Eat it: Chicken Enchilada recipe I found on Cooking Light that is anything but light. So, so tasty though!

Let It Crack You Up: Go Fug Yourself. My favorite fashion site for all of the celebrity wardrobe craziness.

E... said...

Read It: The Language of Bees by Laurie R. King. Latest in her Mary Russell series, ie: Sherlock Holmes and his awesome female apprentice. Downloaded it to my kindle for our trip to the lake, and am avoiding tv to read it, so you know it's good.
Eat It: It's starting to be summer, so I'm starting to have cucumber salad in the fridge all the time. Just slice up an English cucumber (so you can leave the skin on) and some onion (red looks prettiest, but whatever)and dress with rice vinegar and a tbs. of sugar. Great as a side, sandwich topper, or snack. Basically pickles, but way yummier.
Admit it: I sometimes tell O. the zoo or the museum are closed even when they aren't just because I don't feel like going.
Resist It: I think I'm going to give up on The Fashion Show, and just wait until the real thing comes along in the form of Project Runway. Please let it be worth the wait.

E... said...

Oh, and LAP, I'm with you on the flank steak. We love it, and although I try to mess with it with new homemade marinades and rubs, J. always reminds me it's best with Wishbone Italian, preferably marinated several days. And make decent smoothies right in the blender -- just buy the bagged frozen fruit and mix with juice or milk or whatever.

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