Monday, April 6, 2009

Grains on the Brain

Loyal readers know that I have used NTB to document my culinary interests, obsessions, and experiments. For awhile, I was working on soup and then moved on to salad recipes. I know that my cooking posts tend to be on the boring side, but sharing them with you makes me feel more motivated to try new things in the kitchen.

So, the new culinary goal is to start incorporating more whole grains into the diet at Casa MEP. Whole grains under consideration include:
Brown rice
Bulgur (cracked wheat)
Whole-wheat couscous
Wheat berries
Wild rice

This list is a product of a quickie google search, not extensive research. The only whole grains on the list I've prepared before are brown rice, oats, and couscous. Others I have eaten, but not worked with in my kitchen.

One recipe I want to attempt for sure is Wheatberry Waldorf Salad. I purchased a miniscule amount at Whole Foods once (eight bites for $4 or something ridiculous like that) and enjoyed it.

So, you tell me, what do you do with whole grains? I would welcome recipes or links to recipes. I am especially fond of cold salads, foods with lots of texture, and recipes that don't require lots of ingredients. I would tell you how to link to recipes when leaving comments, but I don't know myself.

What's cooking in your kitchen?


LAP said...

Last year I bought whole wheat flour to be healthier but it tasted like crap in the recipe. I'm sorry that I don't have much insight on the list. I just reviewed the it again and now I am craving a hanky panky (rye)

CaraBee said...

I'm pretty sure that only half the things on that list are real things. :) The rest are Jedi names. I mean, hello, Darth Amaranth?

Steph said...

Oh, I love Quinoa, mostly b/c it's got complete amino acids and I'm a mostly-vegetarian these days. Also, it cooks up really really quickly. We use it anywhere we'd use rice.

Steph said...

PS - regarding whole wheat, I've swapped to that for some time now and love it! It is a bit dryer than white flour but totally worth it in terms of nutrition. Now that I'm used to it, I think "fluffy white crap" is pretty awful. It's an adjustment but you're worth it!

Look for whole wheat pastry flour. It's easier to use in baking.

PITA said...

I am with Steph...I LOVE quinoa. I eat a bit for snacks all the time. Sometimes I put some on my salads or chop some peppers and add black beans for a side dish. I think it is tasty, but it is an acquired taste. So try it different ways before you give up on it!

E... said...

I was doing some "clipping" this week to get rid of a recently unearthed pile of magazines and had this post in mind as I was ripping out recipes. Therefore, I have two pages to stick in the mail and send to you. Other readers, if you're interested in Edamame and Barley Salad and/or Multigrain Pilaf with Sunflower Seeds, you can google them along with their source: Cooking Light 2006 and you'll be rewarded with the recipes. (I told you it was an old stack!)

Anonymous said...

MEP - KR can you give you a great salad recipe that has pearl barley, feta, craisins and other stuff. She's also convinced me to mix flaxseed into oatmeal. IRV

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