Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speaking of ballroom . . .

It's early into tonight's episode of DWTS (new readers, that's Dancing with the Stars), and I just wanted to share a few thoughts about the new season based on last night's premiere.

The comedian Jeffrey Ross is not a smooth dancer, but I hope he stays around. He had the single funniest line ever uttered on an episode of DWTS. I've watched every season and loved almost every corny moment of it so I should know. After hearing the judges' comments, which included, not surprisingly, a reference to ballroom dancing, Ross quipped: "Speaking of ballroom, these pants are really tight." My husband and I cracked up.

Cloris Leachman is a hoot. The confusion. The comedy. The cleavage. The cussing. Of course, I was primed to enjoy her presence on the show based on some television viewing I did yesterday afternoon. With the rare opportunity to nurse Little Bit while watching the programming of my choice (i.e., NOT Caillou), I was disappointed to find the DVR cupboard bare and thus made do with some red carpet coverage of Sunday's Emmy Awards on the TV Guide Channel. DWTS alums Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone interviewed Leachman, who had no idea that they were former contestants. She was a bit foggy throughout the interview, then suddenly reveals that at rehearsal in the ballroom for blocking purposes, she peed her pants. She went on to give more details. Lisa Rinna, bless her heart, stayed very professional and suggested perhaps a "pair of Depends." I have a soft spot for people who admit to peeing their pants. Most people who know me know how I personally delight in confessing about how I peed my own pants in the only 5K race I ever ran. It happened in 1998, and I'm still talking about it.

Okay, back to DWTS. Julianne is as cute as ever. Warren Sapp is adorable on the dance floor. Brooke Burke had a baby six months ago -- holy shit! The song selections seem to be improving. Samantha Harris's interviewing skills do not. I like the new girl partnered with Lance Bass. I finally know what people have been talking about with Kim Kardashian's booty and find myself liking her more than I anticipated (unlike LAP, I do not watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, NTB). Tom Bergeron continues to be the ultimate host -- quick, witty, lovable. The scores seemed a bit low, but by last night's standards, Susan Lucci and her teeny, tiny legs did not deserve three 6's.

Okay, now I have to turn my attention to tonight's episode. Any thoughts on the new season? Please comment.


LAP said...

I'm finding myself more entertained in the early episodes than I have been in the past. I enjoy that young Cody gets too distracted with Julianne's hotness and forgets to pay attention to her instructions. I am sad to see Jef-fre-y go as anyone who can make reference to onion rings in a dancing context deserves to stick around. Warren Sapp had me laughing out loud as he questioned what idiot ever came up with the awkward moves involved in the quickstep. I love that Derek keeps getting the good looking women, but I wish he would stop making those dorky faces saying to call, text, etc when Samantha is conducting her interviews (it's uncomfortable enough with Samantha behind the mike.) The judges have be pleasant...not too mean for the early rounds. So there's my compulsive two cents on the season.

PS - Maybe you should wear Depends in your next 5K race.

CaraBee said...

I love Cloris Leachman. She's Frau Blucher, for crying out loud. I would watch DWTS just for her. And the fact that she admitted to peeing her pants just makes me love her more. The woman is 82 after all. I had more than my share of moments late pregnancy and post delivery where I was longing for some additional protection.

MEP said...

Susan Lucci actually earned 3 5's on Monday. Fair enough.

LAP said...

I feel bad for Ted. He didn't deserve to go. I also wonder whether Corky will ever return for another season...he's got a handfult to deal with.

msh said...

#1 why do they let samantha harris interview people? and why do they put her hair up like they did last night? way too much hair for that.

#2 i am worried about susan lucci. she is scary looking and i think she needs a therapist.

#3 i am a little bit in love with rocco dispirito. quite a bit in love actually.

Anonymous said...


I know your theory is that Carrie Ann is pregnant, and I notice that her dresses continue to balloon. I'm confused by timing though. If she started to show last season, wouldn't that kid be out by now? And if she's not pregnant, what is her stylist thinking?

And Corky Ballas is Mark's father?! Crazy stuff.

I agree that the music is MUCH better this season. The producers must've read your grievances about last season.

Sara G.

Anonymous said...

I am very over Cloris and I believe her partner is as well. I can't get that bad scene out of my mind when Corky did an under her legs move. Very courageous of him. Jef fer rey probably did have the all time best line thus far in DWTS history. I worry about Warren. I love him but hope he does not have a coronary on the show. Susan Lucci has a strange perfectly plastered smile on her face. Kinda scarey. All in all, I am pleased so far and have not chosen my favorite yet. Also, having a little trouble adjusting the the rough look of Lacey, Lance's partner. Not bad necessarily but different than all the other pretty girls. I could go on but another day. m

Steph said...

I was in CA for work last week and I watched this almost every night -and I must say, I could very easily get addicted! It is just downright AMAZING how much those people learn in such a short time!

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