Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be my guest . . .

I'm going to level with you friends and readers. Posts on NTB have been sparse of late and the situation is not going to improve in the very near future. The good news is that the light at the end of the tunnel that is my dissertation is starting to burn very bright! My readers' copies are due in a few weeks, and my dissertation defense is scheduled for November 21st. Once the readers' copies are out, I look forward to posting more regularly, exercising, cooking meals for my family, cleaning my house, dealing with the clutter, and just breathing more easily in general.

In the meantime, I don't want you to stop visiting Not to brag . . . Instead, I would like to invite you (yes, you!) to consider contributing a guest post. If you already have a blog, a guest post at NTB would be an opportunity to draw attention and drive traffic to your blog (after all, NTB has hundreds of readers or, at least, a hundred readers). If you are thinking of starting a blog, posting on NTB would be a good way to get your feet wet. Even if you have no desire to blog, I guarantee the experience of having your words "out there" in the world will feel really awesome, especially when people read and comment upon them.

You may be thinking, "But I don't have anything to write about?" Please. You've read my posts. Poop in the bathtub. Trips to Trader Joe's. Soup. Everyday stuff is great. Share an anecdote about your kid/s. Tell us about what your family likes to eat for dinner. Share a recipe or two. Brag on yourself. Give one of NTB's regular features a try by writing your own Book Beat or Retail Beat column. Though this column is not as regular as I intended it to be, consider a Field Trip post. I also welcome posts about television: What are you watching this fall? Any insights on reality television shows? Is the new 90210 worth watching? What snacks do you eat while watching The Biggest Loser? The only real guideline is that the post not be mean-spirited or political.

If you think you're interested, please let me know in a comment or by email (mep at nottobrag dot net). You can send the post in an attachment, and I will even proofread it for you.

Pretty please. Thanks.


CaraBee said...

Let me see what I can come up with. I can write it whilst I am not sleeping. I'll try not to write about not sleeping, though! :)

Actchy said...

MEP, I'd like to help. I need incentivizing for maintaining Beyond PIckles. Plus, NTB has a different focus than BP, so it will be a good exercise for me. Also, I need a break -- work has been eating me alive (see by way of proof lack of regular posts on BP). Let me get some thoughts together and I'll email you.

It goes without saying that I am unspeakably proud of what you have been able to accomplish on your dissertation while gestating Little Bit and subsequently caring for both him and the Bubby.

E... said...

I have a couple of posts I'm working on, so I'll give you one! No promises when it'll get done, but I'll work on it. I've been out of the loop of my regular life of late, what with no power for a week, then WORKING for a week, but I'm getting back to the bottom of the clutter pile.

Anonymous said...

The offer of proofreading does make it within the realm of possibility. m

cake said...

it is going to feel so wonderful to get that done! i can't think of a worse stress than having such a big project hanging over you. i'll support your efforts with a guest post.

msh said...

so i'm sure you know i am a closeted-wanna-be-writer, so i'll try to get something to you one of these days too. hope you're hanging in there with all that is going on. seriously, i am so proud of you! and i'm excited for the completion because the ladies and i are already planning our girls' weekend to chicago to celebrate with you!

MEP said...

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I've already received e's guest posts and look forward to more . . .

Steph said...

Ohhh, I'm so excited for you! congrats as you near this time in your dissertation work! And I'll look forward to your guest bloggers.

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