Sunday, November 3, 2013

And it's all small stuff.

It's been well over a year since I've written a real blog post.  I'm warming up my writing muscles by sharing some thoughts about some stuff I enjoy.

 1.  Biscoff Spread.  Biscoff brags that it is the "airline cookie," but I haven't seen a Biscoff cookie on a plane in years.  Not that I am a frequent flyer.  The cookies themselves are, at best, okay.  The spread though?  Amazing!  Best snack ever (besides a Super Pretzel) is a sliced apple--sweet or tart--dipped in Biscoff spread.  Or, sometimes, a spoon dipped into the jar is the perfect mini-dessert.  Seconds?  Please use a fresh spoon.  Biscoff should be in the aisle with the peanut butter, though I am pretty sure it is a nut-free item.  I've purchased it at Wal-Mart and Cost Plus World Market.  Between $3 and $4 a jar.

 2 & 3.  Here's  two-fer.  I have three indoor/outdoor rugs from Ballard Designs.  One in my foyer, one under the kitchen table (the blue and white chevron seen in photo), and one in living room (but only temporarily).  In my high traffic and transition-from-outdoors foyer, I have a grey and black indoor/outdoor with a cool pattern.  Hides dirt like a dream.  The one in the kitchen shows dirt a bit more (due to those cream stripes), but it is very easy to scrub it clean.  These rugs are not comfortable.  You don't want your kids lying on them to watch television or wrestling on them (major rug burn would result), but they are durable and quite affordable for certain areas of the home.

My other "design" tip for you is laminated fabric.  I found the fabric pictured above at Hobby Lobby.  I bought enough to recover six chairs (on my own, NTB) and then some for less than $40.  This fabric is ideal for my kitchen (except for not matching the rug AT ALL) because it can be easily wiped clean.  The only assault this fabric cannot withstand would be permanent marker (have dodged that bullet so far) and aggressively used ballpoint pen (now on three of our six chairs, thanks to my artistic daughter).  Still, a perfect and practical pick-me-up for kitchen chairs.

 4.  I was shopping at Kohl's with a 30% off coupon and doing that thing where I pretend that 30% off means practically free.  I tossed these shoes that you do not have to tie in my cart on a whim and you know what?  Best purchase this entire Fall.  It's just so convenient to be able to slip them on and off.  I don't know how they'd handle during a run or hard core workout (no opportunity to conduct that sort of test with this shoe wearer), but I've worn them comfortably on a brisk walk.  I also love that on the days when I play tennis, I can quickly change into these shoes afterward so as not to be seen in public (off the court) in my big, white, senior citizen-esque tennis shoes.

5.  Years ago when I had more time, I used to enumerate the ways that Chicagoland's Jewel grocery chain was inferior to Kroger, the grocery chain of my heart.  But does Kroger carry Cinnamon Scented Ponderosa Pine Cones in a large bag that costs only $4.99?  I actually can't answer that.  I do know that three years running, I have purchased a huge bag (or two) of these cinnamon pine cones at Jewel.  The cinnamon scent is intense, but in a very good way.  I am pleased to report that this year's pine cones are smaller in size, which makes it easier to arrange them in a decorative manner.  Much to my hubby's dismay, I have not tossed the now-less-potent pine cones of previous years.  With all my spare time, I will surely turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for some pine cone crafts.  

6.  I am usually ambivalent/negative regarding healthy-ish bars of any kind.  These KIND bars were on sale at Jewel 10/$10 so I gambled.  Now, I'm a huge fan.  Tasty and satisfying.  NOT a meal replacement (let's not get crazy), but good for a snack or maybe half of a bar for breakfast dessert (that is a real thing).  I like the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and the Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter ones the best.

 7.  I bought these Snapea Crisps at Costco.  My daughter and I both enjoy this salty, low calorie snack.  Only negative?  They leave a greasy residue on your fingertips.  Best to enjoy with a napkin, baby wipe, or handwashing facility at the ready.

8.  Years ago when I posted regularly on this blog and had tens and tens of readers, I often mentioned my love of basil and of cardinals.  Here's a summer photo of two of my favorites together.  I bought the basil plants and the cardinal at Home Depot.  My kids kept moving the cardinal around so that it wasn't always hovering above the basil as I had intended.  Whenever I spotted it, it made me smile.

That's all I have.  I hope to post again between now and fourteen months from now.


Anonymous said...

"That is a real thing" was my favorite part of this, but it all made me realize how much I've missed your posts.

Also, not to get you back to hating on the Jewel, but my Kroger has those cinnamon pinecones.


Anonymous said...

Ditto LAP's comments. I hope you are "back" sooner than 14 months. Your posts brighten my day. M

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