Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring in My Step ...

In place of a thoughtful, well-crafted post, I offer a series of photos capturing things that have put some "spring" in our step the past couple of months.  What's given us some pep.  Yep.  

You may know that I'm a real sucker for good-smelling, slightly-overpriced cleaning products available at Target.  All spring I've been enjoying the limited edition Method "lime + sea salt" all-purpose spray and the dish soap.  I've also been enjoying looking at the fabric swatch (hanging on window since October.  See background of photo) for the kitchen curtains I hope to have made someday.

While we're in the kitchen, how about these adorable "dwink" holders?  I use juice pouches or those flavored milk cartons when we are on-the-go for t-ball, eating in the car on the way to swim lessons, or having lunch at a park or play place.  And, okay, fine, I also pass them out at lunch at home some days too.  Never fails that Sweet P will squeeze half her beverage on her outfit.  Found this nifty solution at our local toy store.  Pop in the beverage pouch and your child uses the handles instead of causing a mini explosion with injudicious squeezing.  Seems to work.

At the risk of looking obsessed with beverages, I'll also brag on my new straw holder.  We're phasing out sippy cups around here and rock a lot of cups (often lidded) with straws.  Now, don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun keeping the straws in a plastic cup in the cupboard and having that cup topple and its contents scatter a couple of times a week.  But this glass canister that I found at Home Goods for $4.99 and filled with colorful straws from IKEA?  It's more fun.  

My kids think root beer is just about the biggest treat ever so I decided to blow their minds with root beer floats a few weeks ago.  I had one myself.  Forgot what a delightful combination root beer and vanilla ice cream is.  

Cousins always make us happy, and we had a great visit from a few cousins over Easter.  It's not often that ALL the cousins are in one spot (hopefully this summer), but whenever two or more are gathered, there is love and fun and chaos.  

Here are two of the "little girl cousins" over Easter weekend.  What I love about this photo is that at ages 3 and 2, they are posing like they are little tweens or something. 

I can't remember now when we first went through the house we are now living in.  Maybe in late April or early May of last year.  Whatever the time frame, we definitely missed the blooming of the trees.  The bloom has come and pretty much gone by now, but what a treat it was to discover that four trees in our yard were just gorgeous.

While we're in our yard, I need to share this photo of Bub.  He hauled a kiddie chair up into the swing set and settled in to relax and read his Oriental Trading catalogue.  I'd love to enjoy a spring breeze and a good book up there myself.

This next smile-maker was more of a winter favorite, but I found the photo on my phone and had to share.  The kids and I found these Duck Tales DVDs at the library, and they were really into them for a while.  Got us through a couple late winter afternoon witching hours.  I defy anyone to pop one of these in and resist singing and dancing along to the theme song.  Definitely a spring-in-your-step kind of song that lends itself to big swoopy, swingy arm movements and some popping jazz hands.  We're fans.

Grandma and Grandpa visited last weekend.  We had a nice dinner cooked on the grill, and I decided to pick up an iced cookie cake from Jewel so we could sing Happy Birthday to our little Sweet P one more time.  The picture is blurry, but I'm sharing it to remind you not to overlook the iced cookie cake from the grocery store.  It's so tasty.  Every person at the table enjoyed it.  An easy and inexpensive item to add some celebratory flair to a meal.

And for anyone tempted to be like, "Oh, MEP, do you know how much HFCS and hydrogenated oils are in the grocery store cookie cakes?" I would also like to share this photo of the beautiful vegetables that were part of our meal.  Not that my kids ate them.  

As I write this, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of spring weather and all the summer fun to come.  Life is good here, and I hope the same is true for you.

What's putting a spring in your step this spring?  Please share in the comments.


Heather said...

I love the things that put a spring in your step, and I must admit that the theme song for Duck Tales IMMEDIATELY popped into my head (it's been at least five years since we even watched an episode, but once those tunes are there, they're stuck!).

I admit the veggies look WAY better than the cookie, but I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Give me a steak over cake any ole time :)

I, too, am loving Target's cleaning products (love the basil scent).

Right now, I am taking tons of pictures, experimenting with my camera, and going to LOTS of baseball games (Elijah's), and enjoying NOT going to school! That degree alone has put a LOT of spring in my step!

LAP said...

Love the things that put spring in your step! Happy to be part of the partial cousin gathering. I'm not even a big veggie lover, but your colorful display looks quite tasty. I am, however, a big cookie cake fan. I will note that Sams club has a two layer cookie cake (icing on top and in the middle) that never lasts very long around here. I made Fancy a shutterfly album from birth to now to give her for her first communion and getting that completed last week put some spring in my step. I didn't even let it get me down that when it arrived by mail yesterday and I tried to get BB to check it out, he said "I think I already saw the final version on the computer"...not even tempted to flip through again? I am eagerly awaiting summer weather as well.

Anonymous said...

I have spent the last couple Fridays in the yard most of the day. That has really made it feel and look like spring. Just love the peaceful feeling from working in the yard. I must say the yard is looking pretty awesome, ntb. Even the fact that the deer have eaten absolutely every daisy cannot take the spring out of my step. JRP took photos of the culprits in action this morning. I, too, love wonderful smelling cleaning products especially the method ones you gave me. I have also been bringing in lily of valley stems and pinks, very delightful! Happy Spring!

Michelle said...

I, too, am a sucker for overpriced, yummy smelling cleaning products from Target. Love the blooming trees! What a nice surprise. And that picture of Bub up there reading?! It warms my heart :-) Hopefully we'll get to see you all soon! xoxo

Steph said...

Love your springy post!

dusty earth mother said...

Visiting you always puts a spring in my step, Mep. So does rhyming. And root beer floats, YES.

Melissa said...

Your kids are growing up! Sweet p is so big. It seems like it was yesterday she was just born! She is so cute:)

Amen sister to the cookie cake!
Although I do prefer to make mine from the break apart cookie section and add extra chocolate chips and use the spray can buttercream frosting to decorate...just sayin.
if you're going to do dessert, you might as well do it.

Stacia said...

I do love a good Oriental Trading catalogue. Seriously good stuff in there. Same goes with the cookie cake.

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Lady Jennie said...

The kiddies look as spry as those blossoms!

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

I also heard the Duck Tales theme immediately. I read this earlier, but haven't had a chance to comment. Those veggies? Bestill my heart! Those look so yummy. And I do always forget about a cookie cake. I can't say I've ever purchased one. And great photo of the cousins. I've got to them on my calendar soon as well. We miss those peeps. I'm of course cracking up at LAP's comment about BB and the Shutterfly book. My hubby would be the same. Happy to see your post!

Steph said...

Just answered your question in a comment on my blog, but in short - yes, I would recommend the Propylaeum tea room! :-) steph

Jill said...

I love the picture of Bub in the swing set! Looks like the best place to read! Also, the dwink holders- awesome.

E... said...

My heart was breaking a little back when you wrote this post, so did not have anything springy to share. I want you to know, though, that thinking of you and all these happy things, brightened me up, and that it did not go unnoticed!!
My niece made herself a root beer float the other day and I added it to the list of things that I must share with my children, even though I myself cannot enjoy!
I am nuts for veggies these days -- can't get enough -- even to the point of ignoring fruits in favor of some roasted veggie goodness. Yum.

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