Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here are a few of the things I want my Sweet P to know about herself at one year old.

Here goes, girlie:
You growl and so we sometimes call you Darth Vadar.
As of recently, you can climb up on the couch. You're also fast on the stairs.
You love to open the drawers next to the dishwasher and pull out all the kiddie bowls, plates, and utensils.
You also love throwing containers of baby food around and removing their plastic lids.
You are a Messy Bessy when you eat -- favorite foods are blueberries and french fries -- and meal time is sometimes frustrating for your mama. So far you are not into cake, which is shocking.
Today, your birthday, you are being treated for an ear infection and pink eye.
You take an antibiotic every single night due to a kidney reflux issue, but it should work itself out a few months from now.
Sunday mass starts about forty-five minutes after the time when you would normally start napping. The highlight of Daddy's week, I suspect, is holding you in the back of church while you fall asleep on his shoulder.
You are a girl of many nicknames. Sweet P on the blog. So many more at home. Most commonly: Bibs.
You like your snacks, especially crackers and those Gerber freeze-dried yogurt thingies.
Your big brothers love you so much and sometimes forgot how little you are. You don't help matters by trying to jump in on the scrapping and wrestling (while growling).
When you hear music, you flap your arms up and down. We think you're going to love to dance.
You can stand on your own, but you're not walking quite yet.
You like pretty much any toy, as long as you can taste it first.
You tend to look slightly disheveled and often have your hair in your eyes. You've got lots of cute bows, but you like to rip them right on out.
Your eyes are blue for good and that dark hair of yours has turned light.
You have seven teeth already and show them often when you smile.
You were a better sleeper at two months than you are a twelve months. Since you sleep about ten feet from Mommy and Daddy, we have a hard time letting you cry. Your days of nighttime meetings--usually two, URGH--with mommy are numbered, girlie.
You have a lively, fun spirit and you laugh a lot.
You should also know how ridiculously proud and puffed up Daddy and I get when we take you out in the world and see others responding to your smiles and cheeks and bright eyes.
You've been everywhere with me this past year -- Mommy and Sweet P at the Jewel, on a walk, out to lunch, at showers and parties and weddings -- and I can't readily think of a single instance when you were exceedingly fussy or unhappy. I can't thank you enough for giving me this chance to finally know how it feels to be a confident, semi-wise, semi-relaxed mom of a happy, content baby. Really, thank you. I needed that.
Each night, we pray in thanksgiving for the gift of you and ask that God keep you safe, happy, healthy and strong.
You are so very loved.
There are more good times ahead, sweet girl, and many more years to go. Thanks for making this past year so wonderful.
Brand new . . .
Around six months . . .


Stacia said...

Happy Birthday to Bibs Vader! I can hear her now, "Bub, I am your sister [growl, growl, growl]." I swear, could she get any cuter? Let's hope she goes for younger men because I'm totally setting my little guy up with her ... when they're 30 and allowed to date, of course. Congrats on a great year with your girl, Mama!

Heather said...

"Bibs Vader"...I love it!

Great post, MEP. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!

LAP said...

This made me tear up a little. So sweet. Bub and Little Bit are oh so adorable but I am happy that you got not only an adorable but also a content baby the third go round:)

Lady Jennie said...

I'm just melting over that newborn picture. This was a good idea, to write such a comprehensive list for her. She will feel so special when she's old enough to read it.

Actchy said...

Thank you for this, MEP. My Emmy Kay had her worst day in months today. Reading this ode to the love of a baby girl was just what I needed.

Anonymous said...

ahhh!! you're a good mommy! your little princess is just precious. rita

CaraBee said...

Well, I'm way way late, but I loved this post! She is just the cutest little thing and sounds like such a fun and sweet baby. I have a feeling as the youngest and only girl, she will be the lights of your lives. Belated happy birthday to the beautiful Sweet P!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

It goes by too quickly... Darth Vader? That's a riot!

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