Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Story

My snow story is one of gratitude. I am thankful to have my family together in a cozy home with heat, television, internet access, and plenty to eat. I am thankful that hubby is able to work from home in snowpacolypse situations and thankful that everyone under this roof had the option to just stay put. I am thankful that today was our first snow day of the school year.
I'm praying for those who are separated from loved ones due to weather and those without heat, shelter, food, flexible employers, and/or reliable transportation.
In short, I am thankful that my snow story is a boring one.
Tuesday at a little after 2:00 p.m. The blizzard is about to commence. I had grand plans for taking a photo from this spot every hour, but I didn't quite manage it.
I was talking on the phone with a friend in the four o-clock hour when I looked up and saw a cardinal in our backyard. Seeing cardinals never ceases to thrill me. For me, those red birds are a gift and a reminder that all is well in my world. Bub and I were thrilled that this little guy hung out in our tree for about five minutes.
Around 6:30 and still no hubby. Traffic is moving slow, but he's on his way and arrives an hour later. I kept periodically checking the street to make sure there were parking spots available. We are both so thankful that he took Clark Street home instead of Lake Shore Drive.
Good morning! Don't think we'll be dining al fresco today.
Bub made a nest under the dining room table. Drives me nuts when toys, pillows, blankets, and books are strung out everywhere, but he looks so sweet in his little cave . . .
Sweet P was too excited about the snow day to take a morning nap so spent some extra time in the kitchen watching me make a cake. Because, you know, it's always a good idea to have a twelve inch double layer cake around if you're going to be cooped up for a couple of days.
Before the shoveling began.
Here goes the shovel man. I estimate he was out there for two and a half hours . . . enough to justify a large piece of cake, that's for sure.
"Let me in!" Yeah right. This kid was having a blast.
When Little Bit saw that the neighbors were out too, he began whining to get back into his snow clothes (had made it outside for three minutes earlier in the morning).
One of a hilarious series of photos (all taken from inside my warmish house) of our boys and the neighbor kids. I love how each of the five kids is doing his or her own thing -- from burying one's face in the snow to shoveling from a kneeling position.
This cross-country skier was one of many I spotted outside my front window. "Hey, a**hole, this street is one way going South!" Just kidding! It was delightful to see so many people out and about -- shoveling, walking, skiing, and interacting with strangers and neighbors.
Ready to be inside after a successful second outing.
After two hours, Dad lured Bub inside with the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Late in the afternoon, I got out for a few minutes to take a walk around the block.
I didn't walk far enough to see if Dairy Queen was actually open, but if it was, I doubt there was a line today!
I hope tomorrow brings another "boring" snow day for MEP and Co. I'm thankful to be safe and warm and wish the same for everyone.


CaraBee said...

So glad you guys survived the storm with no complications! I suspect the cake might have contributed to your cheery attitude. :) It sounds like you guys got some of what we had last week during our storm: thundersnow! If I ever start a band, that will be the name.

Sigh, 2.5 hours shoveling. I miss city life. Our driveway takes the better part of a day and thats only getting one lane. One of these years we are getting a snowblower. Even if we only use it once a year, it's so worth it!

Stay warn, friend, and enjoy all that white stuff!

Anonymous said...

Snow days are the best family days there are! I am always thankful that no one in my house has to be anywhere on those days either...Glad it was uneventful hope you are doing well!


Heather said...

Thank goodness you and the fam are snug and safe in your home...I read stories about Lake Shore Drive...oh my word!

GREAT picture story! The kids look adorable all bundled up. Mine are so sick of the snow, they don't even want to play in it. They even prayed to HAVE school this past Wednesday (and it worked!).

Thanks for sharing your story! Where's the pic of the cake?!

Stacia said...

I love the one of Bub in his Snow Cave. That's exactly where I'd be ... with the cake. The whole cake. =>

Stay warm and snuggle those sweet babies!!

massagematters said...

Your pictures are so great! Glad that you are all safe and warm. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the neighborhood kids playing in the snow.

Lady Jennie said...

Oh it looks so cozy at your place!

Actchy said...

We've had so much snow since 12/26 that the Christmas lights are on the bushes still. At least, I think they're under there somewhere? Anywho, the husband is always amazed at the workout he gets from shoveling. I, on the other hand, am amazed he can sweat through four layers.

E... said...

So glad you got a picture of that cardinal! Love all the rest as well. Must be something about cocooning in the snowiness that makes one hungry -- I made your awesome whole wheat chocolate chip cookies yesterday!!
You've made your snow look like FUN snow. I'm so tired of the hanging-around-sloppy-cold-all-the-time snow.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! The shot of the kids on the snow mound is adorable. LAP

REGAN said...

They cancelled class at ND. First time since 1992, they said. The year before we got there. Figures

Anonymous said...

Snow days are the best! You paint such a cozy portrait.

cake said...

i love the view outside your house! for some reason, i always pictured you guys in a suburban setting.
the snow looks like fun! (obviously, i am behind on m blog reading...)

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