Monday, September 27, 2010

Things that make you go urgh . . .

* The woman in the Costco parking lot who chooses to hover and wait for your parking spot. You turn to her and say, "I'm just warning you, it's going to be awhile." She does not respond, just keeps waiting. You begin unloading, thinking, "What about three kids, many groceries, and a mini van makes you think I'm going to be speedy? Would you rather sit here for at least five minutes or move to another open spot that might mean walking, gasp, twenty-five extra yards?" When you are almost done with the food and ready to start on the car seat buckling times three (or times two, Bub buckles himself, praise Jesus), she speeds away in a huff.

* As discussed previously here at NTB, the business casual designation is the absolute worst dress code scenario for a mom who does not work outside the home and has few opportunities to shop at stores that are not Gap, Old Navy, and Target. Choosing "business casual" outfits is even more challenging when you were pregnant the previous fall/winter and still post-partum plump the one before that. And, by the way, are still post-partum plump now.

* When it's 10:15 and you face the fact that you're not going to stretch out on the couch and read your book tonight. Didn't quite work out last night either. Hmm, or the night before that.

* NFL night games invading your television and prompting hubby to question your multiple DVR commitments.

That is all. I promise a positive post soon. What are the things that make you go urgh?


Mrs.Mayhem said...

I agree with all of these, except instead of football, hubby watches motorcycle racing.

CaraBee said...

I've been feeling a lot of urgh lately:

The guy who honks at you because you didn't jump out into the 20 foot gap between cars in cross traffic.

How my house can go from neat and tidy to complete disaster so fast it makes my head spin?

Being dead ass tired at 6pm and WIDE awake at 10pm.

E... said...

New DirectTV system acting really wonky. Suze Orman on every other channel on the TV in my room when I'm trying to get to sleep; supposedly shared DVRs not communicating one hour after they did it just fine.

I don't have the brain power to troubleshoot on four hours of sleep.

Not being able to figure out how to wear my new baby sling quite right, esp. with a rolled up towel in it to support my tiny baby.

Maggie said...

Kids that bite in my son's class, and skipping naps.


brainella said...

THAT woman in the parking lot -- uh, I hate that.

Or the person who will NOT go the speed limit, or anything close to it, but is MORE than willing to run a red light. AAAAAAHHH!

dusty earth mother said...

The people who criticize me for rolling my 6 year old and 5 year old in a double stroller. YES. I KNOW they are too old. But if I want to get them across town which is a 20 minute walk for me, 120 minute walk for them, I gotta do it, folks!


LAP said...

Taking the time to make cookies from scratch and having them mysteriously not turn out right. seriously don't know what i did different this time.


Having to go buy something to take to a party because you wasted time trying to make something homemade. (see above)


Stacia said...

Post-partum plump + M&M addiction = Double Urgh.

And I'm still hoping to plow through my library book before it's due on Wednesday ... hoping, hoping, hoping, crossing fingers ...

The Empress said...

People telling me I'm "too cautious" with my 3 boys and their peanut allergies.

Really? Too cautions, and tell me, does your child have a LILFE threatening allergy to peanuts?


Well, then, shut the #$&* up.

Sorry, sore spot for me (-:

Thanks for the space to vent!

msh said...

i just miss reading my book. and showering. and fitting into clothes. and sleeping through the night. and showering.

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