Monday, July 12, 2010

Here's to the good days . . .

The days when you raise your voice once or twice but never yell.
The days when your house is not so clean but not so messy either.
The days when your two year-old repeatedly examines your finger with a plastic magnifying glass and follows each examination with a kiss.
The days full of smiles and coos from your baby, so many that you don't care one bit about the spit-up all over your shirt and even down your bra.
The days when your four year-old continues his obsessive "stickering" with admirable gusto -- making you a collage and then using the phrase "finishing touches" a few minutes before giving it to you.
The days when you give yourself permission to skip bath time.
The days when you get through the grocery store with only one sucker per child (excluding the baby).
The days when you say to yourself, "It's really hot and humid outside and guess what . . . there's no rule that says we have to play outside every single day."
The days when you don't have to give (or threaten) a single time out.
The days when you have the wisdom not to rush from one "task" to the next (so what if it's "time" to get pajamas on--they're having tons of fun building a fort with every available cushion and pillow in the house).
The days when you do bedtime on your own, but it's drama-free.
The days when even an entire smoothie spilled into a car seat doesn't rattle you.
The days when all seems well and all good things seem possible.
The days when you are so happy with your life, exactly as it is.

The days like this day. Those are the great days.

What constitutes a good or great day in your world?


Stacia said...

Man, we were on the same page today, weren't we? I even got puke down my bra this morning. But I still haven't braved the grocery store with all three. Or done bedtime on my own. I made it to the Wendy's drive-thru though. That's something, huh?

The Empress said...

Oh, I love how you know how to recognize and celebrate. The good days are the ones where there is NOTHING on the calendar. I love waking up to that...

Heather said...

You made me smile, first thing in the morning! Thanks!

(However, part of me was thinking, the girl got her some Prozac, didn't she?)

Just kidding.

We have been having a lot of great days lately. The kids all getting along, Joe and I getting along, spending lots of family time together, but not always having to be DOING stuff together. Long summer days and evenings, sleepovers with friends, my homework finished before deadline.

Great way to focus on the positive, Mep! Hope today is another great day!

Anonymous said...

Can we add having the chance to go to the bathroom without your kids in with you. That would make a good day. Not saying it happens here, but it would be nice.

dusty earth mother said...

Mmmmm, lovely, Mep. How about the days when you don't overeat because you're stressed out and your daughter says "I do some bad things but I keep trying my hardest."

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping peace and contentment continue to rule your world. m

LAP said...

The days when your kids respond to your question the first (or even the second) time you ask it.

The days that are so laid back that you and your four year old crack up when her little sister pees all over the floor during her one minute diaperless period.

The days when no one complains about what's for dinner.

The days when you think you have no shows to watch but, surprise, your dvr has something recorded for you.

The days when everything really does just work out.

Diana said...

Oh, that is a wonderful and sweet list every mama needs to see.

Good days for me and hubby are when God blesses us with being pain-free and medical problems are calm. Yeah.

Actchy said...

Oh, MEP. Can't thank you enough for this post, for I had a day nothing like this today.

CaraBee said...

Today was a great day. There was no yelling. There was lots and lots of laughter. Neil got up with Sophie and let me sleep in an hour. I'm partaking of a particularly tasty glass of wine at this very moment that given my minuscule tolerance will probably knock me right out. I weighed myself at the gym and I'm down a couple of pounds. Yep, a good day.

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