Friday, December 11, 2009

Very Interesting

Crush? Girlfriend? Just a friend? I can't say for sure, but there's one little girl whose name Bub mentions every day when I ask how was school and who* did he play with. Let's call her "Cutie." Cutie always gets mentioned with a smile.

The other day, Bub explained how he and Cutie decorated the Christmas tree in Santa's Workshop (this month's creative play area).

Here's how the mother/son recap went today:

"Who did you play with at school today?"

"Cutie. Her tells me what to do in Santa's Workshop."

"Um, okay. You know you don't have to do everything she tell you to though."

"Yes, I do."

"Because you like Cutie? She is your friend?"

"I love her a lot."

Okay then. Bossy little thing better not break his heart.

*I think it's "whom" here but please.


PITA said...

with a such a winning smile like bub's...i am sure cutie is equally as smitten with him.

but you are right....bossy thing better not break his heart!

CaraBee said...

Ah, young love.

I remember toying with boy's affections, bossing them around.

I miss those days.

Actchy said...


E... said...

While I think O. is far to young to have a "girlfriend" I am thankful for his at preschool, b/c she got him to be happy about going to school. She seems to have moved on to someone else, but he's still fine with going to school (most days).

Anonymous said...

I asked my son the other day if he had a girlfriend at school and he said, "That's for me to know and you to find out!" Crack me up! rita

Anonymous said...

dig the new header!!! LAP

sarah D said...

nice look on the site.
love the story. L is in love w Dave Baesel's boy, M. they're getting married, but not until they are big b.c 'children don't get married, mom.'

Nap Warden said...

That's just so cute:)

Melissa Walters said...

In my experience, the boys are usually the heartbreakers :) Eventually he will get tired of her bossiness or some other girl will come along, and he'll move on. At least that's what always seemed to happen in my K class. At any rate, not too much heartbreak on either end because she will find someone else to boss around.

Oh and interestingly enough, they say boys choose girls that are like their, are you bossy to your husband? Just kidding but its kind of funny to think about :)

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