Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crush de Cuisine

Oh, I've had my share of celebrity crushes.

Jason Bateman (starting in the years of Silver Spoons and It's Your Move)

Ralph Macchio (who wouldn't love a man who would fight for your honor and sand your parents' deck?)

NKOTB (collectively with more specific attention to Jordan and Joey and less to Danny--sorry Kerrilee)

John Travolta (way before Oprah started drooling over him)

Colin Firth (as Mr. Darcy and Mark Darcy)

Michael Cera (so adorable I can't stand it and a full circle moment really, what with him playing Jason Bateman's son in Arrested Development)

But folks, there's a new celebrity crush in my life. He's smart. He's thoughtful. He's confident, but not arrogant. He knows his stuff. He's local. He's the first-ever Top Chef Master . . .

Rick Bayless.

Love him.

As you can see, I played it super-duper cool a few weeks back when I met . . . er, um . . . stood two feet away from him. I'm sure he will recognize me right away when I show up at Topolobampo.

Who are your celebrity crushes past and present? Those of you who know me, what celebrity crushes am I forgetting?

Bayless Groupie beside me is E. . ./Photo Credit: CaraBee


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

That is a cute pic!

Davey Jones (Ah, reruns!) is the only crush I can remember. I am a pretty practical girl. I like the guys I can actually TOUCH!

Oh wait! I had a HUGE crush on the native American guy in The Last of The Mohicans. He was HOT. Not Daniel Day Lewis, but the guy who played his brother. The guy who loved that dopey blond sister. I still loved him anyway.

CaraBee said...

My biggest celebrity crush was Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future era. These days it's Clive Owen. He's so dreamy.

Btw, I didn't want to mention it, you being a married woman and all, but Rick was totally making eyes at you.

Actchy said...

MEP, does your interest in Ken Doll count as a celeb crush?

I was (still am?) a sucker for Chris O'Donnell.

LAP said...

Kirk Cameron was the first I can recall. Even though Mike Seaver was a slacker, I never pegged Kirk for one.

Scott Wolf when I was a die hard Party of Five watcher. I believe I had a Tom Cruise phase too. However, what's odd is that both of these guys are extremely short so if I saw them in real life I'd probably have felt otherwise...(nothing against short people, just words coming from a tallish girl)

Nap Warden said...

OMG...I LOVE Rick Bayless! So psyched he won Top Chef:) Husband was like "your boyfriend was in the paper today..." My secret is out;)

msh said...

HOW DID YOU GUYS GET THAT CLOSE TO RICK BAYLESS?!?!?! AND DID YOU GET TO EAT HIS FOOD!?!?!? obviously i am a bit jealous. to say the least. i am coming to chicago when you get a reservation at topolobampo.
crushes....hmmm... johnny depp (then and now), luke duke (WAY back in the day), brad pitt (i'm talking "river runs through it" and "legends of the fall"), and let's not forget every guy in the volleyball scene of "top gun" (i recall pausing it. what exactly i was looking at, i'm not so sure).

Sue and Randy said...

My celebrity crushes were always musical--I started with a total obsession with Duran Duran in 3rd grade, lasting several years. I actually wore dozens (really) of buttons of their lovely faces (esp. John Taylor) to school, everyday. Yes, I was that person. All of my DD stuff is still in my mom's basement, including the board game. Can't believe I just wrote this...

East Coast bro said...

Katie Holmes....but well before she got into scientology and married the midget from top gun

Currently Kate Hudson......but once again ex rockers and A-ROD???

Time to move on

Anonymous said...

My age is showing. Robert Redford. m

E... said...

This photo just about makes me swoon every time I see it. Carabee, he was totally making eyes at ME. I could barely contain myself watching the finale last night. Geeky, funny, and knows how to cook. Sigh. Even though he did tell us we looked a little dorky standing right there. Did a google search the other day looking for a link to the recipe he made for us, and we are in the accompanying photo on a blog that had it! Made the recipe, and the pork was a little tough, but the mango salsa was killer.
I'm right there with you on the crush on Ralph Macchio, and I'll second Carabee's on MJF, though I'll take the Alex P. Keaton era as well.
I'm almost certain my affinity for bald dudes is now infamous: Michael Stipe, Ed Harris, Mitch Pileggi, Tom Colichhio to name but a few.

Ribbon dancer up and down said...

Ohhhh Tom Colichhio... I love him. My Master's crush was on Michael, although I am beyond jealous of the Rick Bayless encounter. Also hot: Mike Rowe and (yes) Wolfe Blitzer.

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