Sunday, November 16, 2008

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I started crafting a Retail Beat post earlier this evening, but with a major dissertation milestone approaching on Friday, I just cannot concentrate on a blog post. Here are some things I am thinking about, that you may be thinking about as well . . .

My growing conviction that I am addicted to the internet, but in a positive way. I think blogging, facebook, and email enhance the quality of my life.

The new season of Top Chef . . . I'm excited and, as guided by the editors or my own patriotism, already annoyed by the European chefs.

I have considered a personal boycott of Target for the sake of my own self-respect and pocketbook, but I have decided that it is unrealistic in that Target is the most convenient place for me to buy some needed household items (for example, a humidifier shaped like an elephant and a portable heater, both purchased this week). However, I do think I can stop "Targeting," which is a new word I have coined to describe my habit of buying things I do not need in a temporary burst of heady, hopeful optimism that these things will improve my life/children/waistline/appearance/household, etc. I need to refine the definition, but that's a start. Just to be clear, I don't think "Targeting" only happens at Target. I do a bit of "Targeting" at CVS as well.

What I can do with the huge bag of potatoes I purchased at Costco. I'm thinking some kind of potato soup, but I want to make it in my crock pot . . . I also saw a recipe for crock pot German Potato Salad that may be worth a try.

The jeans I just purchased with my 30% off friends and family coupons . . . are they "mom jeans"? I didn't think so when I tried them on, bought them, and ripped the tags off, but now, I am worried. I know my hubby will give me an honest answer so I haven't asked him to weigh in yet.

Speaking of "weighing in," how might I drop the rest of this baby weight? I suspect eating less and exercising are options that I need to investigate.

Why do so many of these thinking points have to do with things I have purchased? Is that all I think about? Am I a mere consumer? Actually, you don't need to discuss that. The answer is "no," but that's all I have the clarity of mind to write about right now, that is unless you want four hundred or so pages about female friendship and democracy.

Okay, that's all I got. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Actchy said...

Re: Targeting. Perhaps focus on the fact that some people live in places where there is no convenient Target, and envy those who can easily access a place to find inexpensive but quality socks, as well as reasonably-priced cereal and a wide selection of greeting cards all in one store. I understand your addiction, as it is one I used to share, but now that my nearest Target is across the river, I mourn for my days in Chicago.

LAP said...

A few reactions o sister of mine:

I too enjoy multiple daily doses of the internet. I am fascinated/confused by people who can go days without checking email. As far as facebook and the like goes, it's a glance into the outside world during periods of time when you are confined to your house. It's good to be reminded that there is life outside... While I am very happy and proud that your dissertation is nearly over, I am secretly ready for you to be done so that the ntb posts appear more frequently as I so enjoy checking out new posts while online.

As for the potatoes, go with the soup. Could you really eat that quantity of German Potato Salad?

Let hubby the fashion maven weigh in, but since I believe your friends and family coupon was to GAP/Old Navy/Banana Republic, my guess is that the jeans couldn't be too dorky.

Per our last discussion, I don't believe you had tried 1) eating less or 2) moving more, so excellent that you still have those weight loss tricks up your sleeve. I do recall that rule-based diets have served you well in the past...what about getting back on the Lean Cuisine bandwagon?

FYI - I do my Targeting at Target and Walgreens. My favorite place to go Targeting was Drug Emporium, back in the days of Willard...

CaraBee said...

Ok, let's see here:

Yes, couldn't agree more. If I hadn't had all of these technological conveniences, I would likely be completely insane from lack of human contact.

Hmm, one of these days I'll give Top Chef a go, but as it stands now I have trouble making it through all of the shows we already record, so I'm a little hesitant to begin a new one.

I, too, have a real problem with Targeting, with the greatest expenditures happening at Target but in truth it happens just about anywhere I shop. Which is why if I'm feeling spiky I'll hit the dollar store because I can get a whole cartload for about 8 dollars.

Are they red or white potatoes? I have this super easy recipe for red potatoes:
Neil loves them so much that I can go through a 20 pound bag of potatoes in no time.

I'm pretty sure that all of my jeans are mom jeans now. Sigh.

Right there with you on the baby weight, sadly my has been lingering a bit longer than yours. What is this exercise and eating less you speak of? Sounds hard. Yuck.

WPA said...

I have lately been doing a lot of targeting on, which conveniently has some type of magic partnership with Target, so you can buy items from both stores at the same time!

I've just tuned into the whole debate about Obama having to give up his blackberry and cell phone--I don't think I could cope without such things.

I didn't mind the European chef, until at the end he said he wanted to be the first European to win Top Chef--I almost feel like they've planted this type of commentary, just to get a reaction? I'm excited to have TC back, esp b/c I thought that the last season of Project Runway was pretty lame.

Sue & Randy said...

Targeting is only made worse for me with the Starbucks in my Super Target. I get too much happiness going there. My husband has banned me from buying any of the Archer Farms food, however, as we have had many failed purchases.
I've found buying diapers at cut down the number of random trips to Target (and the extra $30 or so that comes with every baby related trip).

I'm still trying to lose baby weight, but I've lost 10 lbs since September doing a loose version of weight watchers. Works well with frozen meals/soup. We'll see if I can just hold steady through the holidays.

PITA said...

my thoughts...
- so excited that top chef is back on, i, too, was annoyed my the euro. i do think there are other questionable figures on as well.
- i do most all of my targeting at Target. i really wish i could give it up.
- i would go with the soup, as I am not a potato salad fan.
- i am with Laurie, if they were from GAP or others, they can't be that motherly. but i am sure that T-baby will give it to you straight.
- i have been trying to move more, i will let you know the results.

cake said...

i do a lot of targeting at the goodwill. but, i am getting better at talking myself out of things that i just don't need (no matter how good the price is!)

i hear ya on the eating less, exercising more. i can't seem to get myself to do either on a regular basis though. in my pre-child years, i would simply smoke more cigarettes, eat less substantial food, and work really hard on projects. i lost weight easily. since i finally kicked the cigarettes,NTB, i'm just going to try to be happy with the size i am.

E... said...

So glad to have a verb for my Target problem. Thank you. I find mine is getting worse as the weather turns yuck, as it replaces my default "go to the park" option when I can't stand to be in the house. Somehow, I have a problem paying to go to one of those bouncy places or one of the few other indoor play options, but have no problem dropping 50 (80?) at the bullseye. Why is that?
I agree though, that the root of the Targeting is the desire to improve something, and sometimes it's just my attitude. Lately though, I've realized Target is NOT the answer for my decorating issues, as every other SAHM in the midwest has the same options. Doesn't keep me from wanting something new in my surrounds, or maybe that's just the anxiety of 13 people at my house for Thanksgiving dinner talking.
On the baby weight front, the only way I'm feeling better about my muffin top is that it means I'm less a stress case on baby number two. I got skinny after O, but I was not settled. AT ALL. So just take it as a trade off for Little Bit's sweetness, and be glad for winter sweaters.

Sarah D said...

I am also addicted to the internet, but I also believe it is in a healthy and positive way.

I don't have Bravo anymore (gasp!) so I can't watch top chef and I miss Project Runway terribly.

Target is one of my favorite destinations. I still think it is the cheapest place to buy diapers, and I definitely find myself 'Targeting' and buying things I probably don't really need. I also find myself Targeting at Kohls. Esp in the little girls dept.

I vote potato soup.

I seriously doubt they are mom jeans. I just got some new jeans with a F&F coupon at the Gap. I like them b/c they cover up my mom tummy but they aren't mom jeans.

I also need to get my ass to the gym. Adam calls it our 'charitable giving.'

Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself, "It's all about the calorie deficit." I'm good at the exercise piece, but not so good at eating less to create that ever so important deficit that will translate into pounds lost. It's been almost two years at this weight, so I'm starting to wonder if I just need to embrace it.

My weekly Target bill is ridiculous. I go in for diapers and come out less one hundred dollars or more. I'm not sure how it happens and I'm not trying to change that either anymore.

My internet addiction is also getting a little out of hand and, in my case, I'm not so sure that it's healthy. It's time that I begin to limit it. I tell myself this every day, but I break my own rules for myself every day. There's always tomorrow....

Glad to hear that you're on the final stretch. When's the party?


Totallyscrappy said...

"Targeting"... I love that.
How was the soup?

Steph said...

I hope the big deadline went well for you! I used to live exactly one mile from Target. Egads! But now it's not so easy to get there. That helps a bundle. :0)

Anonymous said...

this is my new favorite blog - It'll have plenty of potato recipes.

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