Sunday, July 6, 2008

Want to switch things up?

Just so you know, I think of things every day that I would like to blog about. But, although Baby Boy is a really good baby, we are still somewhat in survival mode around here. Any significant chunks of free time afforded me are being spent napping. My mom leaves on Tuesday so I am trying to rest up while I have the chance.

Today, however, I have skipped my nap and chosen instead to paint my toenails (was planning a pre-birth pedicure, but Baby Boy's early arrival made that impossible). My newly-painted toenails inspired me to show off an item that I purchased about a month ago: the Switchflop.

My friend B sent me a link to the Switchflops website weeks ago, and I was intrigued. I am real sucker for patterns and prints, for having my shoes match my outfit, and for grosgrain ribbon (I admit that if I lived in the likes of Nashville or Atlanta, I would add a ribbon to my ponytail, even though I am 33 years old . . . oh, and that ribbon would coordinate with my outfit and shoes). When I realized that a store about five minutes (by foot) from my house sold Switchflops, it seemed like fate.

So here's the deal. You pay $30 for a pair of black and white polka-dotted flip flops. Admittedly, this does not sound like a great deal. But then, the black and white ribbon is attached to the flop by velcro. You can remove the ribbon top and add others that cost $10. Again, not a great bargain, but a fun feature. Thus far, I have only purchased one additional top for my Switchflops, but I am enjoying the shoes quite a bit. Besides the novelty and versatility, the Switchflop is quite comfortable (I am not one who typically "lives in flip flops") and, unlike the flip flops I have previously purchased from J. Crew, the Switchflop does not leave my foot black. Sure, your feet can still get dirty in the Switchflops, but the shoe itself does not rub blackness on your feet, forcing you to feel like a Coalminer's Daughter. All in all, I am pleased with the purchase. My only regret is that, as with all sandals (or, at least, all sandals that I wear), the Switchflops do make my feet stink. But, at least they are cute and stinky feet, NTB.

The original Switchflops. These are available in brown and in black. After much deliberation, I chose the black base over the brown. Also, I should warn you that each Switchflop is enhanced with a piece of "bling" in the middle, and some of the bling is lame. These came with a large fake pearl on each shoe, but I easily removed the pearls.

The new top. The multi-colored stripe makes for many opportunities to coordinate with my clothes. NTB.

I am thinking the polish color is definitely a mistake, but oh well.


Actchy said...

Hm. I like. This sort of reminds me of a watch I had in the late 1980s that came with numerous bands, all in different colors.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever have one of those purses with the wooden handle that you could button on different pouches? The handle stayed the same, but you could change the color or pattern of the purse. I think those are back in style. Additionally, I think my sister had one that had a standard color, but a velcro stripe similar to the switchflop.

CaraBee said...

I saw those in a store the other day and almost bought them. If I hadn't just purchased two other pairs of flip flops, they would definitely be in my closet now. I love to walk down the ribbon aisle at Jo-Ann's and ogle all of the pretty colors and patterns. Not so much for me, but when I finally get the hang of my sewing machine, I plan to make all kinds of be-ribboned outfits for my daughter. Lucky kid.

Anonymous said...

Most importantly I think the flip flops are an item that makes you happy to wear it. I always feel happier when I wear my life is good tanker. m

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