Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy 100th DWTS!

Last night marked the 100 episode of DWTS, I have been a fan since the end of season one and feel that I have a vast knowledge of the show. I must say that I have always enjoyed the show...I find myself smiling as the dancers take the floor, watch intently as they dance, wait for the scores, and try to block Samantha Harris' awkward questioning. It is a routine almost. As of late, I find myself just not as engaged as usual. This troubles me just a tidge, just because I have always thoroughly enjoyed it. I am complete fan of Kristi and Mark and Jason and Edyta....but after that I am generally uninterested. Moreover, I am growing sick of the judges. I think they are being unfair and giving scores that simply are not deserved. I admire Christian's attempt to dance while injured...i really do - but there is no way that he deserved "10's" dancing with one arm. Literally the arm was not involved in the dance at all. Additionally, and not to sound like a broken record, but Marissa sucks. Neither of her dances were entertaining, but yet she is the semi-finals. I wasn't overly attached to Mario, but he deserved the semi's over both Christian and Marissa that is for sure.

Now for some of the special features of the 100th episode....Apollo and Julianne did an amazing dance. As ever, I want them to be in love. I dont think that is a reality...but I can hope. Maks and Mel B were back in action and I was pleased to see them as well. I heart Maks and everything that goes with him. They also did a countdown of the top ten dances of all seasons. Overall, I think they picked the best ones, however, they really barted it up when they picked Karina and Mario's Tango as the number one. It wasn't that memorable.

In closing I will say, Len, Bruno, Carrie Anne - the ball is your court, you keep giving high scores to people that don't deserve them and Kristi or Jason go home next week, watch out. You may just lose a viewer....I would tread very lightly if I were you.


Anonymous said...

I strongly support this post. The judges have started giving scores according to the talent. For instance, since Kristi is good, they make it extra hard for her to get good scores. Might as well have Heather Mills back, Christian is dancinglike the one armed man. I, too, am disenchanted. Apollo and Julianne still rock! m

MEP said...

Mom and I were so fired up by the judges' erratic scoring that we actually logged on to and voted. Christian and Cheryl's second dance was better than their first, but I did not think either dance deserved a 10. To give Kristy an 8 for a samba with that much technical difficulty is just shameful.

On to better topics though . . . I loved seeing and hearing from the DWTS alums in the audience, especially my man Jerry Springer. Years ago, I once spent an hour when alone in the car thinking about what I would say to Jerry Springer if I ever met him: how his show pollutes our culture and on and on. I was really getting worked about it. But then, when he was on DWTS, I found myself charmed by him and just genuinely liking him. Anyway, good to see him on the 100th episode.

I am going to mention, once again, my belief that Carrie Ann may be pregnant.

Finally, I want to give a special shout out to the real star of DWTS . . . the host with the very most, the wittiest and coolest man on television: Tom Bergeron!

MEP said...

One more thing--I was really happy to see Ashley dancing in that first professional number! I wonder if she'll be back next season. I miss her and like her new haircut.

LAP said...

Overall, I too enjoyed the top 10 dances. I would have had the "iconic" Drew and Cheryl dance higher than a 4, but oh well. I agree with all the stars in the top 10 but not necessarily the rank or specific dance the judges chose for them. I enjoyed seeing the Stacy Kiebler coverage. Hard for me to believe she was a wrestler. Thought Joey and Edyta's Singing in the Rain might make it too, but maybe they didn't get all 10's...don't remember.

I would have like to have seen more discussion with the past participants. Cut out the awkward backstage chat with Samantha where she asks all lame questions that invite obvious, standard answers and allow more time for catching up with some of our old favorites.

As a side note, Julianne was on the local radio station the other day and said she would love to sing on an episode of DWTS if they ever asked her. I'd like to see Derek and Mark's "band" (hard to picture???) perform as well.

OK, I'm going to go get a life.

Sarah D said...

Hey, gals,
Its Sarah Delaney, and I would like to say that I need to check in with your blog more often. I love it and it cracks me up.
I also have no life and love DWTS, and you could not be more on target. I am so filled with anger by the judges and their unfairness! That J&E and M&K get 8s and 9s and the one armed man gets 10s?? And it happned again this week. They do not judge on an even playing field. Carrie Anne even said this week that K is doing things no one else could even touch and then she gives her a 9??? What the heck?

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