Sunday, December 9, 2007

I think I can, I think I can

Over Thanksgiving we took the bub to see the model trains in downtown Cincinnati. He fell in love. He kept jumping up and down saying "Choo choo" and "Wow." He went through the line at least four times and only ate one of the proffered cookies (a sure sign that he was taken by the trains). Ever since, the hubby has been talking about getting the bub a train to go around the bottom of the Christmas tree. We found one yesterday at Toys 'R Us and decided that for $31 it was worth bringing home.

With the bubby's close supervision and "help," the hubby managed to get the train up and running before naptime yesterday. The result: complete delight and excitement. "Choo choo" was the most-used word in our household this weekend. By last night, the bub had figured out how to turn the train on by himself. Best news of all, he does not seem to tire of the train. Sure, he occupies himself with other favorite activities like coloring, begging for "teets" ("treats"--unfortunate pronunciation, I know), emptying his bin of Mega Blocks, requesting "show show," practicing his tackles with dad (a new phenomenon that deserves its own post), and trying to open and play with my laptop . . . but, he continues to come back to the train.

Of course, I love to see the bub so excited. I'm thrilled that he is enjoying the train so much. I never imagined I would complain if one particular toy commanded so much of his attention. Certainly, I have spent many a dollar at Toys 'R Us and Target hoping for just such an occurrence.

But here I am complaining. When the train is going--and anytime the bub is awake and anywhere on the first floor it is going--it sounds like Grand Central Station around here. That little sucker is loud. So loud that one cannot watch a television program unless the volume is past level 25 (I usually watch tv with the volume at 7). So loud that phone conversations are a challenge. So loud that I can barely hear myself think. My cousin and I spent two years living in an apartment directly in front of the El tracks. This little train seems louder than that.

We have figured out, however, a sure way to get the bub back into the living room if he has wondered into the kitchen or back room. We just turn off the train. Sonar ears reports to the tree within seconds to turn it back on. We also have discovered that the train can be an excellent bribery item. When the bub balked at eating his dinner this evening, his daddy disconnected the track from the power source. We stood firm on our "no choo choo until you eat" initiative, and it worked. Sure, we had to tee up an episode of Barney as well, but the kid ate and ate well.

So tomorrow is another day, and I'm sure there are plenty more passengers to get from A to B and more coal to be delivered. I'm sure there are more smiles to be witnessed and more "choo choos" by which to be tickled. Perhaps the phenomenon will wear off soon or perhaps we'll never be so glad to take down a Christmas tree. I guess I'll just try to enjoy the ride. NTB.

Above is the bub enjoying the trains in downtown Cincinnati, just like his mama did when she was a little girl.

The bub and his dada admire their handiwork.

Clearly, this train is nothing to brag about. But, the bub does love it.


LAP said...

looks like a nice little train. i would never guess by looking at it that earplugs were necessary for extended enjoyment.

msp said...

looks and sounds like a very well-spent $31! if i didn't think josie would crawl under the tree and somehow figure out to disassemble the whole thing, throwing eli into a "NO JOSIE!" fit, i might invest! maybe next year.

E... said...

You're going to start to think I'm copying your post topics -- I've been working on finding time to write about O's "big train" and his delight in it this Christmas. I'm glad to see the bub so thrilled. What do you think it is about the trains that so enthralls them??

SMF said...

Could the bub be any cuter? I love that in the first picture he hasn't even eaten the cookie, he is that excited about the train!

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