Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Were I not so weary, I would blog about . . .

1. The way the bub has taken to putting on my tennis shoes and walking around, as if in snow shoes, looking quite pleased with himself.

2. My negative experience at Costco on Friday wherein most of the items I purchased (and there were many items, I think the total was $220 or so) were packed into one giant box. I needed an escort to the door because the huge box was in a separate cart from the one I started the visit in, the one that contained the bub. When I complained to my escort that I couldn't lift that box into my car much less carry it into the house, she had the gall to reply, "It's just my job to get you to the door." Was I infuriated? Did I call and speak with a manager when I arrived home (after hauling in a sixty pound box, of course)? You bet.

3. The fact that I will not be watching Celebrity Apprentice come January when it becomes NBC's attempt at Must See TV to replace 30 Rock and The Office, nor should you . . . if we don't watch the Donald, NBC and the other studios might be more motivated to make a deal that will end the writer's strike and bring back The Office. I would choose Michael Scott over Donald Trump for my boss any day.

4. The fact that I made a modified version of pigs-in-a-blanket for the bub's dinner this evening. I was inspired by my sister LAP and my recent trip to Costco (see #2) where I inexplicably purchased a four-pack of crescent rolls. He responded by digging through the crescent roll and the melted cheese to pick out the pieces of hot dog I had cut up and put inside. Clearly, he was not impressed. My husband, who just arrived home after a late night at the office, ate the remaining pigs-in-a-blanket and commented, "Did you really make these? They taste so gourmet." At least I impressed one member of this household. NTB.

5. The reason I am so weary: I finally finished tweaking my third chapter and sent it off to my dissertation director. NTB!!!!!!!! I'm more than halfway there!


M said...

After a trip to the Nati with all the fam,hope you will be less weary and ready for round 2 when you return.

E... said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are awesome. I know the rest of the dissertation is just going to fly!

Steph said...

Congratulations on the dissertation progress! :-) Wahoo! What is your topic on? Pls tell us more or shoot me a note. I'm very interested! I've long considered working on my PhD but haven't made the plunge. (Too much fun learning to Lindy Hope, I think. It's hard to give that up!)

And, by the way, I spent hours today making my Grandmother's famous rolls - and you know what my DH said? "These would be really good as pigs-in-a-blanket!" LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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